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Semi Cartoner 60 per minute

Showing some of the main features

Here is one of our Market Leading Semi Cartoner machines running at a speed of 60 packs per minute. This video shows some of the many standard features that make this machine so popular with our customers around the world.

Cartoner packs Superfood Muesli

Cartoner with Bomb Door Loader

Auto Cartoner with Bomb Door Loader. This simple and flexible system is perfect for a wide variety of products and sizes. It is especially good for products such as muesli and breakfast cereals as the dropping action helps settle the contents of the bag ready for insertion in the carton.

High Speed Auto Cartoner

Twin Cascade Loader

Shown here is a High Speed Automatic End Load Cartoner fitted with a twin Cascade Loader which can accept products from two flow wrappers and load directly into the cartoner. The Cascade Loaders work independently to load products at up to 75 per minute on each lane.

Wraparound Sleever

Packing 4 and 8 pack Yoghurt Pots

This Wraparound Sleever runs a 4 and 8 pack yoghurts at up to 60 packs per minute. The machine includes a simple gated infeed transfer to feed the packs directly from the line into the machine.

Auto Cartoner with Bomb Door Transfer

Packing Pasta sheets in Flow Wrap

This Automatic Cartoner is fitted with a simple bomb door dropper to load product from the line into the infeed of the cartoner. This simple system is perfect for bags, flow wraps, pouches and sachets. It can collate and load single or multi pack formats in a variety of sizes.

Auto Cartoner with Inline Transfer

Frozen ready meals up to 125/min

Shown here is a Fully Automatic Cartoner with Inline Transfer for suitable for a wide range of tray packed products such as ready meals, bakery goods, meat and poultry either chilled or frozen. The machine has a slimline footprint and is flexible and easy to adjust for different pack sizes.

Top Load Cartoner

Four corner glue erect

Shown here is a Top Load Carton Erector. The machine is a simple and flexible machine with a servo driven transfer of the flat carton under the glue guns to ensure perfectly accurate glue positioning and clean running.

Wraparound Size Change

Simple and super fast size change secures contract

Here is a fully automatic Wraparound Sleever manufactured by T. Freemantle Ltd. The machine is a simple, robust and easy to understand and can be adjusted easily and quickly. The machine is shown here running two tray sizes and demonstrates the size change procedure to change from one size to another.

Header Card Applicator

Simple and Flexible Auto machine.

This machine shows our UK manufactured Semi Auto header card machine. The machine is available in both semi and auto options and is shown here operating at a comfortable speed of 60 per minute. Suitable for pouches, flow wraps and block bottom bags with various sizes of card.

T. Freemantle develop new machine.

Point of difference automated.

T. Freemantle Limited are proud to announce that they have successfully partnered with one of the UK's largest food groups to develop machinery to automate a unique pack design. The machine is a semi automatic machine which requires manual insertion of the product into the erected and presented carton. The machinery can accommodate a wide range of sizes and is capable of running a single portion pack through to a full rack of ribs.

Pizza Sleever

90 pizzas per minute

Shown here is a specially built machine for wrapping a chilled shrink wrapped pizza within a watchstrap sleeve. The machine is fully automatic and accepts the pizza from the line at speeds up to 90 per minute. The sleeve is also adhered to the base of the pizza to ensure the sleeve is secure in store.