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Two Flap Sealer

The operator manually erects and loads the carton with the product. The carton is then placed into the infeed rails of the machine and pushed forwards. The cartons is automatically detected and applied with glue then folded and sealed at both ends before being ejected through the top of the machine

Technical Details


Electrical requirements

Supplied with a 3 metre cable complete with a BS 4343 plug for connection to a single phase 13 amp supply

Compressed Air

Supplied with filter regulator with 8mm push in fitting for connection to 80psi/5.5 bar compressed air supply

Lifting weight

250 kilos. Ideal lifting points marked for fork truck offloading

Adhesive Type

Standard packaging grade Hot Melt or Coolmelt glue

Alternative specifications available for worldwide installations

Optional Extras

In line kick off to push off each carton as it exits the top of the machine

Deboss or Contact Ink code unit to apply best before dates anbd batch codes

Capable of sealing up to 25 cartons per minute
Fully adjustable for a wide range of carton sizes
X - 70 to 300mm
Y - 50 to 250mm
Z - 20 to 100mm
Other sizes not shown can be run with modification (subject to quotation). Restrictions apply to certain combinations of sizes

  • Vertical lift flap folding to ensure a consistently square box
  • Full safety interlock system to give easy access to the machine while being safe and simple to operate
  • Simple and easy size change
  • Economical spot glue applicator for use with a wide variety of adhesives and carton materials
  • Built on a one piece stainless steel frame fitted with castors making the machine both robust and easily mobile
  • Fitted with ISO standard maintenance free pneumatics
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of carton shapes and styles including widow cartons, tear strip and reseal designs
  • Built to stringent quality control procedures to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Simple and easy to understand machine controls
  • Available with a wide range of options and specifications to suit individual customer requirements